I made it!!! Week 6 of the One Room Challenge! It’s reveal time!

Hi All!  I made it to week 6 of the One Room Challenge and am happy to report the office makeover is complete!  I cannot wait to show you the transformation.  Admittedly the before was sad…really sad.  How could we have possibly lived with it like this for soooo long?  It was just one of those cases where life was too busy and I never had time to tackle the project… but then enter the One Room Challenge… and a deadline… and I was off and running and getting.things.done!  I am so elated to have this one crossed off the To Do List, but more importantly my hubby, who spends mucho time in this office, is happy with the result.

The challenge in this room that unfortunately could not be changed (due to time, logistics and budget) was its size.  It is a small room, 9 x 6,  that had to continue being used during this entire process.  That meant working diligently on the weekends and moving things in and out so it could be a “functioning” office during the week.

Let me remind you of the before…eeeeeek a dark cluttered space with old ceiling tiles, dark trim and paneling, and “it had seen better days” wallpaper:

before, office makeover
Sara Langley Designs| gray office with dark gray focal wall















The room feels so much larger now with no lower paneling, light gray walls, and a fresh white trim and ceiling:

Sara Langley Designs | gray office interior



and I am so excited with how the focal wall turned out, the perfect backdrop for the compass:

Sara Langley Designs|panel focal wall, millwork, gray accent

and another view before:IMG_7973

and from a similar angle after:

Sara Langley Designs |gray office interior, red console

I am so happy that I was able to finesse two desks into the space.  They look great and will make the room much more user friendly.  I held my breath when we brought them in because I forgot to account for the depth of the new focal wall when measuring how much space I had but thankfully they fit seamlessly…almost like I planned it that way- phew!

Sara Langley Designs |two office desks, mid century chairs, gray office

So here is hubby’s new view, and I suppose, as an extension of this office makeover, some landscaping outside the office windows is overdue as well.


Thank you to everyone who has been following along on this crazy adventure of mine.  You can view the  other completed projects of both featured and guest designers here.  Thank you to Linda at the One Room Challenge for creating this wonderful setting to inspire us to get things done!




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One Room Challenge Week Three!

Good Morning All!  I am not sure: #1 how it is almost the end of April (um yeah, it snowed this morning), and #2 how we are halfway through the One Room Challenge!  Yikes!  This has been a weekend warrior project for me and each Sunday everything gets moved right back into the room so it can be used during the week- wet paint, plaster dust and all.  I do not recommend this plan, but sometimes you gotta just run with it!

So here is where we started for all those not familiar with what I affectionately call the “Sad Office” (please forgive the sad photography as well):


And below are some pics of where we are now… the “it gets ugly before it gets better” phase.  Good grief.  I primed all the existing molding and trim with my fav, Zinsser, and then used Benjamin Moore’s Simply White, color matched to Sherwin Williams Enamel Acrylic Latex…because that is what I had left over from a bazillion other projects I have used it on.  I love how much lighter an entire room looks when the trim is freshly painted white!

Also, a HUGE thank you to my parents (who last underwent this office makeover circa 1970s) for NOT gluing on the paneling, so once I took out some finishing nails that paneling was gone-zo!  And, as demonstrated below, that left clean sheetrock to prime and paint. Thank goodness the scraping of glue was relegated to the wallpaper removal above the chair rail only.

Office Reno| Sara Langley

Let the priming begin!  Truth be told, I always loathe priming because I am impatient and it seems like just another hurdle to a pretty finish.  And no matter how many times I ask the paint pros at my local hardware store if I can skip this step (“Isn’t paint and primer ‘in one’ intended for this very purpose as its name suggests?”) they shake their heads and tell me that if I want it done right, use the damn primer.  So here is proof that I did indeed listen (this time).

Sara Langley Designs| Office Reno

And here is how I left things on Sunday…as I moved furniture back in there may or may not have been wet walls.  The remaining sad wall is going to be the focal panel wall so it is on hold until this weekend…and I am choosing to focus on how much lighter the room is with painted trim and its first coat of BM Revere Pewter.

Sara Langley Designs Office Reno

Sooooo the list for this weekend is as follows: Tackle the radiators (prime and paint); Apply final (third!) coat on the trim; Touch up all walls with Revere Pewter (including painting up to trim when trim is done); Install baseboard molding; Annnnnd install paneled wall.  Truly wishing the weekend was longer than 48 hours!

Also, I finally made a decision on the desks and due to time constraints, I purchased two desk toppers from Pottery Barn that will allow me to use matching file cabinets I already have – Score!  Those get installed next Wednesday so kinda sorta need to be sure the paneled wall is done.this.weekend.  Lastly, because I don’t want to go back down the road of dark walls, dark furniture, dark accessories, etc. I found the perfect antidote below and I am totally digging the bold color:


I am going to swap out the legs, or use it without, as there are printers etc. needing a home.  And I am also using these cool galvanized file folders to update the office-y plastic ones that were being used before.


one room challenge |sara Langley designs

Wish me luck! Three weeks to go!




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One Room Challenge Week Two


Good Morning All! Today marks week two in the One Room Challenge! I am transforming hubby’s office and you can see it in all its “before” glory here.  I spent the better part of last weekend getting the paneling ripped off, and scraping, scraping, scraping all the old glue off from the wallpaper. It was oh so satisfying…. but I am still oh so sore!

This is the part of the challenge where the room looks awful and I have to remind myself that it always looks worse before it gets better. Sooooo retail therapy to the rescue! I found these great items that I am looking forward to incorporating into the space. I am leaning toward a masculine vibe with a neutral palette and cannot wait to see everything come together.


and because hubby is a huge fan of aviation:


and while I am having analysis paralysis regarding the desk, I fell hard for these chairs:


I am sticking with one of my go-to favs for the walls, Revere Pewter, with a dark complimentary color on the panel wall.

Revere Pewter | Benjamin Moore
Revere Pewter | Benjamin Moore
Cheating Heart |Benjamin Moore
Cheating Heart | Benjamin Moore

So the TO DO List this weekend includes: getting primer on the walls (and keeping fingers crossed that the walls are actually in decent shape to paint after all.that.scraping); adding a second coat of paint on the ceiling; finalizing a desk solution; and mapping out the focal wall panels.  Yikes! You can follow me on Instagram to see all the latest updates and progress, and can follow along with the other guest participants, as well as the featured designers here.

Wish me luck!




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Spring Projects at the Office

Sara Langley designs

Good Morning All!

On this rainy chilly day I am dreaming of the huge Spring blooms that will (soon!?) appear on the rhododendron in our front yard. This kind of weather (while hibernating inside) is perfect for planning Summer projects. I am currently working on one for hubby’s office building. The building is a gorg mid to late 1800s brick grand dame and I am in love with the exterior, particularly the large plantation windows. We have been trying to do updates each year as time and budget allow, and last year’s project was the porch with new railings. This year everything will get painted and landscaped once the handicap ramp is added on.

The major checklist for this project includes lovely lanterns for exterior lighting, and new flooring in the foyer. I have been dreaming of a black and white tiled floor for the entry which feels very brownstone-esque to me. The foyer has an antique radiator and stairs leading up to the second floor, so a symmetrical tile design is out. Here is my planning worksheet so far with sources noted below.

Porch update

SOURCES: Exterior Porch Lighting Option Lantern 1 and 2| Exterior Post Lantern|Sign Option| Indoor Light Fixture| Classic Flooring Option 1 and 2| Stair Runner Option 1 and 2

Spring is sloooooow in arriving this year, so I am trying to make as many project plans ahead so when it does arrive we are ready to jump in! ANNNNNND speaking of upcoming AWESOME projects, the One Room Challenge Spring 2018 kicked off today, with guest participants posting tomorrow! I am soooo excited to be participating in my FOURTH challenge, and tomorrow I will be unveiling the project I will be tackling.

Happy Hump Day!




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Happy Spring! Five Fun Finds for Spring Decor


Hello! So I have had one of those starts to the year that can be summed up like whack-a-mole. Everything needed time and attention at once and despite my best laid plans, I was not able to keep my blogging resolution. So now that I have sufficiently beaten myself up about it, I am hitting RESET and starting anew. That is after all what Spring is about!

So let’s talk design, color and all things SPRING starting with some things I am loving that I wanted to share with you…and P.S. I have been totally fixated on navy and white lately so….

First Up- YES! I am the crazy lady who set her alarm at 3am to jump on Pottery Barn’s site to pick-up some of their new Lilly collab…overall there were some great prints, but I was hoping for a little more tableware. Nevertheless, I am hearing that a second line may debut in April so if you are planning parties by the pool this Summer, let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Lilly Pulitzer Coral Pillow
Lilly Pulitzer for Pottery Barn Indoor/Outdoor Pillow
Target Bistro Chair
Cafe Chair in Navy/White

Next- I typically check Target for outdoor furniture, as I have had great luck in the past purchasing a patio set that has withstood all the fun Spring and Summer can dish out. This Season they have stepped up their game with these fab French Bistro chairs. They are stackable and come in navy/white and gray/white.  They also have a version that can be folded and another that is bar height, all at great price points for a popular, on-trend style. FYI, some choices are sold out online and are available in-store only. Additionally, there is a 35% off sale on patio, with an additional 15% this weekend with code SPRING. And BTW, I am not affiliated with Target for this info., just sharing some great finds!:)

And the next item is part of what I would call “the classics.” Gorg…you cannot have enough of….they go with anything, anywhere…. blue and white ginger jars and vases. And this time of year with tulips, cherry blossoms and daffodils, they are the perfect vessel to make a statement.

Blue and White Beauties from Wisteria
Blue and White Beauties from Wisteria

And then there is this painting that I have been stalking for some time. There is a “Friends and Family” event going on now, so perhaps the time has come to finally purchase it….

Peonies in Blue Art

Lastly, although these tiles are not necessarily “spring” they are a strong trend right now and are available in a million prints and colors. I am loving the combo with navy and white cabinets like the ones below from Grenada Tile….


Tile Backsplash
Tile Backsplash

Hope the sun is out wherever you are:)

Happy Spring!













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Five Fab Fall Finds under $50- Decor Edition


Hi All! Happy hump day! So with warmer than normal temps here I have been slooooow to move into Fall mode.  Last week I wrote a bit about Fall tablescapes and outdoor ideas, but sometimes a little retail therapy goes a long way to get ya jump started…at least this is what I have heard.  Enter “Five Fab Fall Finds under $50” (say that 5 times fast!)  Here are some fun items to update your Fall decor, without busting the budget:

#1. This gold tone candle holder from H&M is $24.99! I am ordering it for my Thanksgiving table decor to pair with green and gold magnolia leaves:


#2. Fur+ velvet= soft and luxe! This 20″ pillow cover from Pottery Barn ($49.99) combines two classic Fall trends and will cozy up your space well into the New Year. Also comes in Ebony and Mocha (Cherry shown):


#3. Threshold Feather Wreath at Target, $24.99. I purchased this last week and hung it over a mirror in the living room.



#4. White and Gold Ceramic Vase from Save on Crafts, $11.99. This vase comes in a myriad of shapes and sizes, and while it definitely does not read exclusively Fall decor, you could add branches to the taller version, or top it with a moss ball for a more modern twist.


#5.  Thankful Trivot from Crate and Barrel, $19.95. It is in-store only (whyyyyyyy!), but for those of you fortunate enough to have a Crate and Barrel in your neighborhood, I thought this would look adorable propped up against a kitchen backsplash, or as a backdrop for some cute pumpkins.


And BONUS! because I could not decide, here is the coordinating Thankful platter also from Crate and Barrel, $34.99. P.S. These two beauties paired together would also make a nice gift for the upcoming Holidays!


Hope these ideas help to get your Fall creativity flowing!




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Weekend Round-Up

Hi All! Happy looooong weekend! I had an amazing few days celebrating my birthday by taking in the local sights with hubby, and gathering with my family for a delish turkey dinner made by my Mom- Thanks Mom! While my parents watched the kiddos on Saturday, hubby and I went to the Beak & Skiff Orchard, where thankfully the weather broke long enough to enjoy lunch (and delicious hard cider) outside.


And then it was off to Patisserie in Skaneateles for caramelized onion and gorgonzola focaccia bread, among other treats!


Hubby booked us a relaxing afternoon at Mirbeau Spa, after which we headed to one of our favorite restaurants, Arad Evans Inn, for dinner.  We then had to hit Wegmans and get our shop on (I loathe grocery shopping but somehow doing it with hubby, and at Wegmans makes it easier).

Couldn't resist a pic in the the pumpkin patch @wegmans!
Couldn’t resist a pic in the the pumpkin patch @wegmans!

So in sum, we ate and drank our way through the #315! So.much.fun!

My hat is from Drooz and Company in Skaneateles. Stop in and see the amazing selection of adorable gift ideas!
My hat is from Drooz and Company in Skaneateles. Such an amazing selection of adorable gift ideas!

I also received some fabulous gifts from my family, including the beautiful blazer from Talbots that I wore above (very Chanel inspired), this gorg sweater that comes in several colors (love the scalloped details), along with this adorable dress (love the bows!):




And while the temperatures are far from Fall-like, here are some sales this weekend that may help to motivate me to swap out my Summer wardrobe for chillier Fall days ahead:

Talbots 25% off regular prices

Banana Republic 40% off (some exclusions) and free shipping over $50

Gap 40% off everything and free shipping Code: ForYou

Ann Taylor 50% off everything Code:FALLFAST

J.Crew 30% off Code: GOSHOP

And if you are hunting for something special for your Fall home decor:

World Market 30% almost everything with Code:FAMFRIENDS

PotteryBarn and the entire family of brands (Kids, West Elm, Williams Sonoma Home etc.) 20% off and other perks for card holders Code:Friends

Ballard Designs 20% off Rugs and Holiday and 25% off Wall

Serena and Lily 20% off with Code: HAPPYDAYS

Happy Shopping All!



P.S. All opinions are my own. There was no paid sponsorship or product review in this post. Just thought you would like reading about some fun things I found;)

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