It’s One Room Challenge Time!

Good Morning All! I am so excited to participate in the Spring 2019 One Room Challenge! By way of background, the Challenge (in its 15th season!) is a six week adventure in which both featured and guest designers make over a room from a before to an amazing after.  You can see all the other incredible design plans here, as well as check out previous seasons of the Challenge for inspiration!

I have participated in several past seasons, and it was an amazing experience, not to mention a kick in the pants to! Nothing like a deadline:) This year I am fortunate to be working with a wonderful family to design their daughters’ bedrooms. I enjoy putting together spaces for kids, and with my daughters being around the same age, it has been a really special project to be a part of.  The addition to their charming home has added sizable bedrooms for each of the girls on the second floor, and a large living room on the first floor.  For the Spring 2019 Challenge I am thrilled to be sharing the design progression of the two bedrooms with you.

Here is what the layout of the rooms look like for a sense of scale:

And here is a photo we took of the construction progress- these windows are one of my favorite details of their home:

The decorating phase of the project kicked off with the girls each selecting their own room color.  For the East Bedroom, a lovely shade of pink was chosen for the walls, to which I added pops of gray and aqua. A beautiful dandelion wallpaper will be perfect as an accent wall behind the bed:


For the West bedroom, Summer Breeze by Valspar was selected so I chose to bring in complimentary shades of navy, apple green and a blush pink. The wallpaper will take center stage as an accent wall behind the bed. I cannot wait to see it all come together!

Hope everyone is having a great week!


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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year All! 2019 is going to be a good one, so get ready! Five days in and some of my resolutions are humming along, while others are let’s say, more challenging. I have committed to writing in the Five Minute Journal I received for Christmas and I love the concept of starting the day with an intentional plan (even if it veers off course at times) and then revisiting the Journal at the end of the day to review how the day went.  It’s amazing how that simple act can create focus and remind you how lucky you are #grateful! If you are interested, you can find your own here.


I love this because it is so easy to fall back on “not enough time” as the reason, ahem, excuse for why things are not moving forward. Been there! So part of creating all the new resolutions is figuring out HOW they will happen so you don’t beat yourself up when you haven’t adequately planned for them. I am working on this so thought I would share because you know, strength in numbers (insert high five here:)

This year has started with a bang, with several fun design projects off and running. First, we decided that because hubby’s office was closed over the holiday for ten days, and we were going to actually be in town during that time, we would do a major renovation of the waiting room. I have mentioned before how much I love the character of this 1800s building and as such, the plantation windows needed a design concept to ensure they would be the stars of the room. To do so, the drop ceiling was removed and the ceiling was raised over two feet!!!  A coffered ceiling, new lighting and the addition of a fireplace will compliment the windows and totally change the overall scale of the room. I cannot wait to see the final result!!! Right now it is steadily coming together weekend warrior style, with the painter coming to work her magic at the end of the month. Until then, here is a sneak peek of the ceiling going in:

coffered ceiling

I also had the pleasure of creating a playroom/study space for two adorable young boys. The playroom is located off both the living room and kitchen, so the goal was clean sight lines and plenty of storage for all their favorite toys and games.

playroom before

We wanted to keep the existing art table and added four chairs for when friends come to play, along with an easy to clean polyproplene rug to define the space.

playroom with art table and desks

Individual desk spaces were established with clipboards to create personal art galleries that could be changed out easily. Also, photos were chosen for each child and placed under the acrylic desk pad to further personalize the spaces.

playroom with art table and desks

I am looking forward to sharing with you the waiting room progress, along with some design boards I am creating for E-clients. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are looking forward to a fabulous 2019!




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One Room Challenge- The Reveal!

Hi All! The day has finally arrived! I am so excited to share my One Room Challenge reveal with you! I chose to makeover my older daughter’s room, and her only request was to create some comfortable areas to relax, and to paint the walls pink.  To be honest that much pink kept me on the edge of my comfort zone for the entire project, but in the end it all came together and she is so happy with the result…and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to do it. Thank you again to Linda at Calling It Home for organizing this crazy adventure!

Here is the Entry BEFORE:


and Entry AFTER (insert my giddy giggle):




and AFTER:


Before, the headboard and wall that never got completed..


and AFTER:



The dresser BEFORE:


The AFTER: I am so thankful to amazing friends for pulling off this incredible makeover of my late grandfather’s dresser. The lacquered grey is gorg in the room and each brass handle was polished to perfection…



Simple styling on the bookcase…


and a lap desk for use as a homework area…


And then there is the wallpaper…which definitely provides the impact I was hoping for:



I am so happy this all came together and sooooo thankful that an extra week was added to the challenge, as I was literally polishing the brass hardware on the dresser a mere 24 hours ago.

Source List (no affiliates used): Wallpaper (repositionable) | Gold Frames | Chair | Floor Lamp | Table lamps (Kate Spade @homegoods) | Nightstands (hardware sold separately) | Pink Pillow | Floral Pillows (my own custom, Sara Langley) | Bolster | Duvet | Rug | Bicycle Art @ home goods | Mirror | Drapery Hardware

Thanks for following along with my crazy adventure! You can view the amazing final reveals of the other guest participants here.





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Top Five Back-to-School Ideas, Dorm Edition

Hi All! So we in NY don’t head back to school until after Labor Day, but I know many of you are heading back in early August, including college students who have the exciting opportunity to set-up an amazing dorm room! Here are some fun ideas to personalize your room and!

ONE: Personalize your room with artwork or download some of the amazing printables out there.

customize your monogram
customize your monogram


Similar can be found here
Similar can be found here


via Etsy
via Etsy

TWO: Create a custom headboard.  I constructed an upholstered headboard for my older daughter’s room using this tutorial and it was easy peasy and can be done on a budget (not speaking from experience or anything, but when you totally change your mind next month it is easy and cost effective to alter).

IMG_6288 (1)


Create an Amazing Custom Headboard
Create an Amazing Custom Headboard and a shout out to my fellow DELTAs:)

THREE: Organize your desk area to! I was out and about at one of my favs, HomeGoods, and saw these awesome options to give your desk area some PIZAZZ!

HomeGoods Desk Lamp and Organizer
HomeGoods- Because there is always.too.much.paper!!
HomeGoods- LOVE!

Below is one of my favorite pics pulling the look all together:

Study In Style with a Gorgeous and Organized Desktop
Study In Style with a Gorgeous and Organized Desktop

and lastly, I have been informed by my kiddos that we are doing this at our house for all their homework necessities:

Inexpensive DIY storage option from IKEA
Inexpensive DIY storage option from IKEA

FOUR: Bring in something living.  Adopt a plant, orchid, or succulent and it will make the room feel more like home. When I met hubby in college he had a palm-like plant in his senior suite they named Kiki.  She actually made it to our first apartment together.

via ShopStyle

FIVE: You can never have enough bins or storage containers.  They hide messes, organize like items, store things, and….did I mention hide messes?

HomeGoods vinyl baskets
HomeGoods Vinyl Baskets
HomeGoods Colorful Laundry bins

And, as I read this over, I realize that while the top five things apply to ladies and gents heading to college, my inspiration tends to be more for the ladies.  So guys, PBDorm has a cool Lookbook for more gentlemanly dorm room designs.

Gorg Inspo Pic for the Boys from PBdorm Cookbook
Gorg Inspo Pic for the Boys from PBdorm Lookbook

Happy BTS dorm dwellers!



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