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Hi All! Give yourself a high-five- you made it to FRIDAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!! Woo hoo! What’s on tap this weekend? Well hubs and I are celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary with a quiet 24 hours to ourselves.  I booked a couples massage, scoped out some restaurants and previewed an art fair I am thinking of perusing.  Also planning to take kiddos to a movie this weekend and get some overdue yard work done.  It is supposed to be sunny and gorgeous all weekend…cannot wait!

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So lately I have been feeling totally blech about my style, or rather “overall lack of pulled togetherness.”  Perhaps this is because we have NO (and this is not an exaggeration) local shopping options, or perhaps it is because I have happily slipped into the Summer mode called “hair-on-top-of-head”.  Regardless, I am feeling the tug of a Fall rebirth to my style.  I always look forward to the doorstop edition of the Fall Vogue, and although I am not rushing a Summer that is already moving too fast…here are some fun Fallish pieces I am loving, including my go-to fav, blazers.

From Banana some classic accessories:

Fun take on a classic accessory
Fun take on a classic accessory


Love this and bonus...On Sale!
Love this ring and bonus..it is On Sale!


For my new biz cards...when I finish them, lol
For my newly designed biz cards

This classic ensemble from J. Crew:


and this well priced blazer (love the elbow patches) from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale:


and back to a cozy option…

So cozy casual

and a fun August 2017-December 2018 planner from Kate Spade:


and I am excited to try a new lip gloss…never mind that I have several in a similar shade in the bottom of my purse…


and speaking of bags….loving the strap on this one!


And there you have it…Happy Friday and have an amazing weekend All!  Take a deep breath and enjoy some time to be still….



P.S. You can find the “be still” downloadable print on Etsy here.

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