My Summer Project…Oh wait, It’s Fall!?

So Summer has come and now gone- Yikes! We enjoyed the heck out of it (swimming, camping, and visiting family) while I was also toiling┬ádiligently scraping, sanding and now painting the garage. If I had more time, famous last words, this project would have been done much sooner. However, I tackled it in the amount of hours I could keep the kids away from the pool, so yeah….two to three hours MAX a day.

I cannot believe we lived with this peeling uni-color garage for so long. I suppose it came down to priorities and repainting the inside of the house and decorating our main living rooms won out. Here are the sad “befores”:

Just starting to prep…
Alligator texture is NOT a good look on the garage…
Getting closer…
Almost done!
Almost done!

I couldn’t reach the peak area on my trusty ladder so I borrowed one from my dear dad and unfortunately was too scared to scrape and sand while up that high! He saved me by coming over and doing it himself #dadsavestheday, so now I am so close to the finish line I cannot stand it!

I LOVE the colors and am so happy with the overall look. I still need to paint the trim around the doors and do a second coat of the main color, but that part thankfully has gone much quicker… now that the kiddos are in school I have 5 hour increments instead of 3.:)


I chose SW Urbane Bronze for the doors and did a custom match color to our house for the tan. After doing a ton of research, I ended up using Behr’s Paint and Primer combo from Home Depot, which went on really well and had great coverage. I am hoping it holds up to the elements as I do NOT want to be doing this project again anytime soon!

Last steps once painting is complete will be to add the weatherstripping on the bottom of the doors, and in the Spring, pick out some new lighting kind of like this (because I am looooving the copper interior!):




Thanks for checking in!



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