Happy Birthday- Mermaid Party

Happy Monday All! I am so excited that we are getting closer to Spring! February is always a busy month for us as we celebrate birthdays for both my younger daughter and my husband.  Such fun! My daughter is much like her mamma in that she always has a “vision” for what she wants her party to be, and this year she drew me a picture of the cake she wanted (no pressure)!  IMG_4604

The cake is always a big part of our parties because when I was growing up my talented Nana would make us amazing cake creations based upon whatever theme we had dreamt up.  I have tried to maintain that tradition for both my kids, and this year my daughter wanted a mermaid theme.  The cake was to be three layers, complete with Ariel coming out of the top (as clearly noted in the drawing). So off I went to Michael’s to pick up some pre-made turquoise fondant, which totally saved us in constructing a mermaid tail mere hours before the party began.  Let’s be clear, the cake is the highlight, and in order to get it done I order out dinner!

I knew I wanted to incorporate edible sand into the cake design somewhere so I chopped up some chocolate graham crackers and vanilla wafers in the Cuisinart, which gave me the perfect consistency to sprinkle onto the bottom frosted layer.

IMG_4664 (1) IMG_4663

I had additional vanilla wafers left over, so after a little Pinterest research I found this cute idea from Houseful of Handmade to create clams by adding some frosting and a candy “pearl”. My older daughter is eight and loves baking, so she helped me make all the chocolate shells and starfish that we used both on top of the cake, and in the goody bags for our guests.

IMG_4662 (1) IMG_4660

I found some amazing mermaid themed plates from Meri Meri through Amazon, which were a total hit! To complete the mermaid look, I added a coordinating net as a table runner and layered it with some starfish and seashells we recently brought back from our vacation. I also included some gummy sharks in the bottom of the the kids’ glasses to which we added pink lemonade when everyone arrived.

IMG_4654 IMG_4653 (1)


I cannot believe my baby is 6! Time please slow down!





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