One Room Challenge- Week Two!

Hi All! How did an entire week sneak by me? One word sickness! And not just me, Blech! On the bright side, we are starting to come around and having the windows open and sun shining has definitely helped us recuperate faster! Needless to say not much has happened with my ORC except to plan… plan… plan. This was pretty expected since we are hosting Easter and didn’t want it to be in the middle of a construction zone. So here is where we stand so far…..

If you are just joining me, welcome! I am doing BOTH of my daughters’ bedrooms for the One Room Challenge. Most of the changes will be occurring in my younger daughter’s room, while implementing more of a refresh for my older daughter.  You cannot do one without the other…or so I am told.

For my youngest, I purchased this cozy chenille rug in a herringbone print, which is perfect for the girl who prefers to play legos on the floor;

Pottery Barn Kids
Pottery Barn Kids

She wanted to choose the wall color and went with gray (read: internal mom happy dance), and is urging me to go darker than I had planned. The exact shade is still being heavily debated, but the room gets painted next week so we shall see how this one pans out.

This room challenge is going to be all about the details, so if I can get hubs on board to help me, I would like to add a cool background between the bookshelves like this inspiration pic:

via DecorPad

To do so, I would love to try this reposition-able wallpaper from Chasing Paper. I am leaning toward this print and LOVE the color which will bring the ceiling color down into the room:

Chasing Paper
Chasing Paper

I also ordered this desk mat from Pottery Barn Kids so I can layer photos and some of her own art as a backdrop to the top of her desk:


We decided on Caribbean Breeze from Ben Moore for the ceiling and painted a swatch in an inconspicuous area to see it in multiple lights:


Changes are on the horizon












I also plan on using this free printable that pulls in all the colors of the room:


I am still on the hunt for curtains (another bold print?) and additional artwork. Next week the kids are off from school, so first thing Monday morning (after a monstrous cup of coffee of course) they are helping me empty my youngest daughter’s room so I can tackle the carpet removal pronto!

I saw this on IG this week and really think I need to order it to make it through the next few weeks!


Stay tuned and keep track of all the amazing talent participating in the ORC here.





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