One Room Challenge Week 4- Yikes!

Good Morning All! Time is marching on and I am draaaaaagging.  How is it that when Spring arrives every year I promise myself to be ready (I was obsessively counting down afterall), and yet I am always doing the last minute scramble. This week, as the weather turned warmer, I found myself less than prepared. The kids need spring clothes that fit, the windows need cleaning (just love seeing that dirt when the sun beams in blech), the deck needs to be stained before we host Mother’s Day brunch, I need a spray tan if I am ever going to go out in anything other than pants, and don’t get me started on soccer cleats.  And then the whole spring cleaning thing… is that biological? Why this time of year do I feel the urge to purge everything and give it all a good Lysol wipe down? So what’s a girl to do? Make.A.List. Or possibly several lists. Getting it all down on paper always seems to help….as does crossing things off when complete!

Thanks Mom!
Found by my awesome Mom, familiar with my neuroses, at Marshalls/Home Goods- Thanks Mom!

Per my list, today I am diving into our overflowing closets, starting with my daughter’s room, as part of what I want to accomplish for the One Room Challenge.  You can read about what got checked off last week here, and follow along with all the amazing designers here.  I am struggling with this project because the closet is small….. really small.  The opening is just shy of two feet, so I have my work cut out for me! Annnnnnnd my daughter wants to move all her clothes from the dresser into the closet as well, in order to take more furniture out of the room and make more space for Barbie and Pony houses, naturally.  I have scoured both the internet and stores near and far to find solutions that fit both the tiny space and my budget. Here is what I am thinking, for which I may be able to utilize things I already have:


Here is what I am tackling, though to be fair we piled things in while painting…..but yeah, it really is a mess.


I ordered these cute bins that I am hoping will help me:

Land of Nod
Land of Nod

So to come full circle, here is my list for the room:

  1. Tackle closet
  2. Choose art and photos and get them framed and hung
  3. Set up desk top (fun details going here)
  4. Get all bedding pulled together
  5. Paint closet door detail

I think that may be it, until other things crop up.  My original intention was to update my older daughter’s room as well, but I think I am going to focus on art, new pillows, and closet organization for the time being.  She is still not sure of paint colors, and I am going to have the same issues with fixing the plaster in her room soooooo that will have to wait until a long weekend when she can be out of her room for awhile.

Wish me luck!



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