One Room Challenge Week 3!

Morning All! I am so inspired and impressed by both the featured designers and fellow guest participants alike in the One Room Challenge.  You can see all their hard work here and here. I have been working feverishly this week to catch up (see week one and two), and with the kids off from school I wanted to get all the painting done while they could have sleepovers, and not worry about them being tired for school!

Right after we celebrated a fantastic Easter weekend, and our family from out of town left, I decided there was no time like the present (knowing I was a week behind) and started ripping out the carpet. We found amazing hardwoods underneath that are in great condition and will need very little repair.  But as anyone who has lived in an older home knows sometimes a house giveth and then taketh away…sigh.

Hardwoods recovered under the carpet
Hardwoods recovered under the carpet

The plaster ceiling was a huge project that I had not planned for in my timeline.  Thanks to my dear dad who has been restoring an 1800s beauty for over 40 years, I got a lesson in plaster repair and it wasn’t pretty.  I had to carve a trough with a an Exacto-knife in order for the spackle to have something to “grab on to”. I am neither exacto nor patient when it comes to working on a project for two days with your arms over your head. And it required two coats of spackle, so needless to say I took a big hit on the timeline.  My result is not perfect but after “troughing”, spackling, sanding, spackling again, sanding again, priming and then painting…I am happy with it.

Yikes! Plaster cracks after "troughing"
Yikes! Plaster cracks after “troughing”
Spackle and spackle some more
Spackle and spackle some more
with a gorgeous coat of caribbean breeze from Ben Moore
With a gorgeous coat of caribbean breeze from Ben Moore

This weekend hubs and I are adding the baseboard trim that is missing since the carpet is now out, and I need to paint all the window casings, doors etc.  Also on the docket is to find a closet storage solution so we can take the dresser out of the room….I was informed by my client that she needs more space to play.  I also want to do a fun geometric print on the closet door- something like this:

Geometric Doors
Geometric Doors via

And, while I am thrilled my daughter picked a soothing gray color for the walls, I have to say I am really missing the Navy, especially with the gorgeous ceiling color. So, I plan to bring it back in through curtains, pillow accents and some DIY projects. My sister-in-law says that if the sun is out get the spray out (we really need shirts made) so I tackled this one before the rain set in.

Updated mirror frame
Updated mirror frame
Sneak Peek: Trying this geometric navy and adding a trim
Sneak Peek: Trying this geometric navy and adding a trim

This week I ordered most of the items on the source list and updated my timeline to reflect a more realistic schedule (picture hubs on the floor because he is laughing so hard) and off we go into week 4!

Stay tuned!









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