HELLLLLO All! So excited to get this six week party started and join in as a guest participant in the One Room Challenge! You can learn all about it here and follow along with both the amazing featured designers and a whole host of guest participants like myself.  In a nutshell it comes down to choosing a room to transform, cringing while sharing the “befores”, working your tush off for 6 weeks, and then voila! unveiling your “after” masterpiece.

In the Fall I was a guest participant who bit off more than she could chew (details here), so this time I learned my lesson and decided on a smaller scale project. Um, NO. I have officially chosen to address my younger daughter’s bedroom, which has been rearranged and rearranged and….you get the drill. However, when you have two daughters (who are two years apart), there is NO chance that you can do one room without updating the other. SO, this Mom has got her work.cut.out.for.her.

SO HERE WE GO! The Plan, aka Master To Do List:

Before- Desk Area
Before- Desk Area

Younger daughter’s room, age 6:

Change the wall color- I LOVE the navy but she requested a change, and she chose a color that wasn’t hot pink or bright purple so I am running with it;

Rip out the carpet and add baseboard trim- I am so excited about this! We have systematically ripped out all the carpet in the house room by room to reveal amazing hardwoods so I am hoping (fingers crossed) that is what I will find in her room as well. I already purchased an awesome rug from PB Kids so I cannot wait to get started;

Change window treatments- I love the curtains because, full disclosure, I made them while pregnant and nesting and this tutorial from Young House Love saved me…six panels y’all…yikes. They have served us well but I am now on the hunt for something different;

Pretty Sure I need to do a post on "How to decorate around the Barbie Dream House"
Pretty Sure I need to do a post on “How to decorate around the Barbie Dream House”

Pillows- I am having some made from my fabric stash. More on this later;

Address storage- This girl loves her Barbies, Ponies, Legos, Shopkins…oh my. Not sure where to start to be honest, but it is on the list because;

Art- I want to creatively incorporate some of her own art with some updated family photos; and

Empty Walls Craving Art
Empty Walls Craving Art

The ceiling- We purchased a cute fixture from PB Kids but when it went up it didn’t cover the space left by the builders basic one that came with the house. SO, we have been living with an unfinished paint job for awhile. My plan is to add icing to the cake and do a blue ceiling a la the gorgeous ceilings of  southern porches. (Sidebar: Anyone else hooked on #southerncharm on Bravo?).

Blue Ceiling Inspiration

What I am keeping in her room: The bed from PB Kids, my Nana’s dresser (add new hardware?), the desk and shelves that I recently bought from Ikea and Target. Oh, and my daughter has definite opinions re: the room layout…. wouldn’t be my first choice, but she wants her bed where it currently resides. Needless to say, that means the desk is staying where it is (again not my first choice) so I have decided not to “build-it-in” the way I had planned because I will put money on the fact that we will be moving it…again.

Older daughter’s room, age 8:

Walls and trim- Leaving the paint color. My older daughter is not a fan of change. On the one hand she wants an update, so as not be left out from the process, but on the other, does not want me to change her wall color, rug, furniture etc. SO, I am keeping those things because they are important to her, but I am fixing plaster cracks which will mean a re-paint (though in the same color) to refresh the room. I will also be adding the overdue baseboard trim…we ripped her carpet out one Saturday at least two years ago and have not gotten to it. Sigh. I also want to add a small crown molding to match what is already in my younger daughter’s room and in our master;

Plaster Cracks – Hello Dad? Help! #1930sHouseLove

Address storage- Like her sister, my older daughter is in need of practical storage so;

Fabric Details- I want to add nailhead hardware to the upholstered headboard hubby and I made and I am having pillows made from my fabric stash;

Address Headboard Scale and Detail, Add Fab Art
Address Headboard Scale and Detail, Add Fab Art

Art- Ditto to above.

SO really that is it….not much…totally do-able. See I totally learned my lesson from last time (my poor hubby is biting his tongue so hard)! Ok, enough sarcasm. The kiddos are on Spring break from school post-Easter so I plan to dive in and paint then, because if we need to do “stinky paint sleepovers” at the grandparents we can! What!? You didn’t know that was a thing?

So looking forward to getting started after we host Easter and cannot wait to follow all the talented bloggers out there! Good Luck to you all…I know I will need it!




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