One Room Challenge Completion

It’s week 6 All! And that means we are d.o.n.e. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to work on these two bedrooms for two special sisters and to share the completed projects through the #oneroomchallenge. It is inspiring to work on rooms for 6 weeks alongside over 200 guest designers doing the same. You can see their amazing work here.

We started with framed rooms that were then painted in colors that the girls picked out themselves. We added wallpaper to give each room its own personality, along with nightstands in coordinating colors and crisp white bedding to balance the patterns of the paper. Here is the design board we started with:

And here is our finished look for the West bedroom:

And for the East Room we started with this design board:

I hope they enjoy their rooms for years to come, it was so much fun to put them together.



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One Room Challenge- Week 2

Hello! Week Two of the One Room Challenge is here! This week I am happy to report that drywall is done and there is a sneak peak below of the first coat of color for one of the rooms.

Beautiful front windows installed
Color Sneak Peek

Both girls’ rooms have amazing closet space and these closet systems have been ordered to maximize every inch.

The structural layout of the rooms create two unique spaces in each room that could serve as additional storage, a reading nook, a study space etc. We have had fun playing around with measurements and furniture selections to see what option(s) work best.

Happy Thursday and thanks for checking in! You can see the progress of all the other designers here…so fantastic to see everybody’s plans!



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My Favorite Neutral Console Tables and Stylish Entryway Inspiration

Good Morning All! As the snow fell outside and everything was cancelled yesterday, I took the opportunity to hibernate a little and got some work done. Several of my current client projects involve the need for the perfect console table, so I have sourced many of late. While there are a myriad of different styles to be found, a common theme for console and entry tables alike, is to keep them compact and styled with panache.

I love this neutral effortless look that includes a beautiful wooden table:


This caught my eye for not only the stunning table (I am a sucker for all things bamboo) but also for the buffalo check stools:


This ornate entryway table is perfection, paired with animal print stools, the blue and white lamps and oo la la that rug:


This example demonstrates that neutrals are anything but boring:


And this Hamptons-esque example caught my attention with the crisp white walls and table creating the perfect backdrop for the blue and white vase to pop:


And finally, I love this mix of layered materials, the wallpaper serving as a stunning backdrop to the simple lines of the table, the carved mirror and the beautiful pair of lamps.


If you are also snowed in and are so inclined to start rearranging your furniture to model these styled tables (or maybe that is just me), this fantastic sketch by Melissa Boyer Interiors illustrates how to pull items together on an entryway table, console or end table like so:


Here are some of my favorite console or entryway tables, all priced less than $300!

One| Two| Three| Four| Five| Six|

Happy Snow Day All! #inlikealionoutlikealamb



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Where I Grew Up

Morning Everyone!

I have been thinking a lot about where I grew up and its MAJOR impact on my design aesthetic. When I was a little kid, my parents purchased and began renovating an 1803 Federal Landmark.  Fast forward almost 40 years and while it is still jokingly called the “Money Pit”, so much has been accomplished.  It has high ceilings, large rooms and beautiful details common of the day. Due to the size of the rooms, they can accommodate oversized antiques, grand wallpaper prints and bold colors.

The "Homestead"
The “Homestead”

All of this has seriously skewed my view of scale. Is this print too big? Never. Is this color too bold? Nah. Will this piece fit in the room? Of course! Needless to say, I currently live in an updated 1930s transitional colonial and I do need to be more aware of scale overall….and I have promised hubby I will measure more often before purchasing things.

I will post some fun pics from my parents house in the near future, but in the meantime here is what they have been working on:


IMG_3441 IMG_3443


We celebrated my dad’s birthday in his barn and it was a lovely scene amidst the construction. Cannot wait to see what it will look like when the doors are finished and added. I am in love with the lighting…and its scale. More pics soon! Happy Fall!




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Planning a Garden and Planters

Hi All! Time to plan out our outdoor projects this year. Being in Zone 4 our growing season is mighty short. As such, I am going to try and plan ahead this year. Yes, I did say this at the same time last year and never got a seed, bulb or plant into the ground….but this season is going to be different. Backyard transformation here we come!


We have a fabulous deck on which we always host a Mother’s Day brunch and I would love to have it stained and ready to go- even if Mother’s Day is early this year and the snow technically just left a week ago! I am determined to get the deck prepped and stained at the beginning of the season rather than just to protect it before the snow flies. As an added bonus, because power washing and staining does not exactly get the creative juices flowing, I am hoping to add decorative details to the back of the built-in bench. Here are the inspiration photos…we’ll have to see what hubs is up for!

coral-fret Ashley-Gilbreath-Interiors-Old-House-Renovation-Montgomery-Alabama-600x888

arlotta-028 sources: here, here and here

Additionally, I am hoping to add some landscaping but more on this later. For Mother’s Day, it will still be too early to plant, so I am going to focus on planters to bring in color and the feeling of Spring!  The deck is stained (and soon to be stained again) a dark chocolate so light colored flowers and white plantings stand out best. Here is what I am thinking:

Hydrangea-in-pot Daphne-Eternal-Fragrance

NEBW_0_Nepeta_Blue-Wonder gaura_karalee_petit_pink

Sources here and here

Here we go!

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Welcome to Sara Langley

Welcome to Sara Langley! As an inaugural post let’s just say I have a lot to learn but I am tremendously excited to just.get.started.  If I had jumped into this journey when I first wanted to transition my business from the design and sale of accessories to a lifestyle blog, I would have five years under my belt by now. Sigh. But both kiddos will be in school full-time come the Fall, and I am looking forward to striking out on my own…from 9am-3pm anyway.
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The transition of the brand into a blog is borne out of a need to create, share, and learn, while also being there for my young kids and juggling my many other part-time gigs. Running Sara Langley in its former form just no longer fit into my life and after many looooong discussions with friends and family, I hung it all up when my second child was born.  At that time I was not willing, or able, to make the compromises it would take to run the product side of things at the level I envisioned… and quite frankly the level my customers deserved. I didn’t want to tarnish what I had created by being stretched so thin. But as I closed up shop and tucked it all away, a small voice inside made a promise that I would someday dust it all off and start again.  That time is now.


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While growing Sara Langley Designs, I met so many amazing and talented people along the way and I look forward to meeting many more on this new venture. Beginning anew friends! Welcome to my journey!

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