Where we have been and where we are headed….

sara langley designs boutique
Our First Design Studio in Rome, NY

Sara Langley Designs was founded in 2004 after I left my job as a lawyer to pursue all things creative.  We (family, friends, recruits) grew the business into both a retail and wholesale brand, working with sales teams, showrooms, licensing agents et al, in order to get our line of products to market. For a number of years our home base was an adorable design studio located in our hometown, enabling us to retain a custom aspect to our line and get immediate feedback.  It was awesome, stimulating, tiring and oh so fulfilling! Everyday we learned something new because our total inexperience had to be balanced with long hours and dedication.

kiki tee case sara langley designs
Kiki Tee Case in Madras

During this time we made amazing memories, met incredibly talented people and learned more than I even realized at the time. Then in 2011, with the birth of my second daughter, my husband’s graduation from dental school and a move to another State, priorities and perspectives shifted in terms of what I could do within a 24 day, what I was willing to compromise, and the realization that while I was accomplishing things, I was not really doing anything particularly well.  So during a late night feeding with my daughter I silently made a promise to myself that I would let my first “baby” go, mentally packing it away until the time was right to reinvent it.

NYC Stationery Show
NYC Stationery Show

That was over six years ago and now my youngest is in kindergarten and I am up for a new adventure.  I am excited to move forward with Sara Langley in a different way.  What I learned from my past adventures is that I love the aspect of diving into something new, learning all the nuances necessary to make it grow in order to share it with others, and collaborating with talented people along the way.

orange fabric group sara langley designs

So where are we headed? Well….. as I promised myself in 2011,  I am unpacking our fav designs and offering a limited edition line of accessories through pop-up shops in partnership stores and on Etsy. I am also sharing my absolute love of fabric through a sister store, Mackenzie & Addison.  And, because of my very patient friend Jill, whose store I used to go into and “millimeter”, I have learned along the way that I have a love of styling and home decor, so I will be taking on some exciting projects in that arena as well.

I look forward to sharing all of these adventures, challenges, and collaborations with you through this blog.  It is my wish that in doing so I am able to meet new friends, learn new things and move the Sara Langley brand forward in a new way.  Welcome to those who are new, and welcome back to all those who have supported our journey from the beginning…so excited for this new chapter of Sara Langley Designs!